Save the Food Crop Land Farm

Part II


Photo by Wahyu Chandra/Mongabay

In Green Food Festival, beside the food, several farmer show rice that produce organically. One of them is Buleng. It called buleng rice. According to the farmer who cultivate them, this rice is only available in Bowong Langi Mountanious, Gowa regency and cultivated by the custom community Pattalassang.

In Green Food Festival event South Sumatera governor, Dr. Syahrul Yasin Limpo,SH,MH. In his speech, the Governor appreciated this event and support the food local movement in South Sulawesi. He asking support from all the stakeholder to create local food movement and productive agricultural.

“The existing and sovereignity of this country need to keep the local potential,” Syahrul Yasin Limpo said. “That richness, if not protect with good, can be gone”, he added. South Sumatera itself, according to South Sumatera governor has a lot of mining potency, but governor never give any recommendation for indusatry to process the that potential.

“For almost 7 years, can be check, (I) never give a recommendsation to that become industry  justifies any means. South Sumatera has gold, but if it opened, then extinguished this country, our wetland paddy will gone”, Syahrul added. Syahrul promised to support all the effort to achieve Food sovereignity, as being  like the struggle by Walhi dan Sawit Watch. “Show me the best way to agriculture, plantation and we will do it together. I think we not late yet”, said Syahrul.

Syamsu Rizal, Vice major of Makasar, is welcoming the Makasar Green Food Festival 2015 with well. “What Walhi and Sawit Watch doing with this activity ofcourse can be useful, especially in optimalized the local food potency”, said  Syamsu in his speech.

Local food is a food product that has been produce, develop, and consume in one area or the local society. In the general local product produced by the local, local technology, and local knowledge. The local food is tight related with the local culture and of course the foodcrop land.

The existence of local food now being threatened by the massive plantation expansion, mining, and HPH industries. This condition worried to be threatened the local society access on the local food.

“The massive oil palm plantation already achieve 14,3 million hectares. The oil palm plantation expansion now happened in eastern area of Indonesia such as Sulawesi and Papua. This local food festival is one of the Sawit Watch campaign as a part to protect he foodcrop landfarm”, Said Cepot, Sawit Watch social departement staf.

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