The second SEA public consultation was conducted after the governmet release the final draft of Policy, Planning, and Program of the Spatial Planning. This the the third steps of the entire thirteen steps of the SEA process based on the Ministry of Environment and Forest Regulation in 2016 number 46. However we believe we need extra effort to make sure that the entire process is not only tehcnocratic process. Prior to first and second public consultation we conducting several focus group discussion in relation with SEA process. The first FGD is the introduction of SEA throughout the local government, local NGOs and local communities. We try to engage in the high level stakeholders to ensure their awarness on the importance of SEA. Even though  the SEA is mandatory under the environmental enactment number 32 year 2009 but the reality the implementation of it still far away from excpected especially regarding the participatve and analysis aspect in local government level.

The second public consultation scope is to sort out what policies, planning and programs (PPP) in both spatial pattern and structure regarding spatial plan that affected five issues that decide as the sustainable development issues in Bulungan.There are five sustainable development issues as the first public consultation result;

  • Spatial conflict
  • Expansion area of industry, mining, plantation. And forestry
  • Indigenous people area recognition
  • Poverty
  • Administration border between province, district, and villages that not definitive yet

Those PPP then cross test with the sustainable development issues to sort out what kind of PPP need more depth analysis. In the group discussion they also requested to give the recommendation, suggestions, safeguards or alternative that can be implemented to make sure those PPP not violated the environment and social aspects.

Several PPP that come out and need further analysis are;

  • the industrial international port area (at first it was 25.000ha, we try to lobby and now it reduces to 10.000ha along the cost, we not satisfied yet and will further analyze it),
  • the mega hydro power plant that will force relocated the two villages in the upstream Kayan river,
  • the extension of airport runway the extension of airport runway is also risking the people live in dense population there. Due to the plan to shut one of the rivers in Tanjung Selor that related to the Kayan river. If they continue the plan, then the area will be flooded,
  • the plantation area (based on NGO coalition analysis, several area such as custom forest and social forest overlap with the designated plantation area, we try to excluded them from the plantation area and reduce the plantation area).

After the public consultation we conducted the discussion with local NGOs in Bulungan to discuss about the SEA process and the spatial planning. We try to consolidate data from local NGOs in their communities assisted area and the issues they handle. We figure it out several of area that planned to be the forest communities area overlap with the plantation scheme area, if those area were not yet issued plantation permit, than it can be changed to the forest communities area to prevent palm oil plantation expansion especially along the Kayan river.

In the NGOs discussion furthermore we also set several alternative and recommendation toward several PPP that impacted the environment and social aspects communities as mention below.

Public Participation is needed in SEA process as a integrative part. We conducted several FGD in local communities and SEA working group affected even before the draft of PPP issued. The extra efforts we did are the part of our goals not only about the SEA process but learning together about SEA process, increase awarness of the importance of environmental aspects in planning, and influence their goals in development not only to pursue profit and development. The input from the communities and make sure they get informed of the massive development that will happen and affected them.

Government tend to sees environment as obstacles in their development planning, rather than based their planning, policy, vision and decision as sustainable development based on environment and social aspects.

The Sustainable Development Goals is based on the biophere sustainability and prosperity as the main foundation and consideration to achieve, not only see the profit and goals but make sure the environmental sustainability as the main drive and consciousness in every single PPP.

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